SMP Kristen PENABUR Harapan Indah held an English Service on Monday, October 22nd, 2018 at PENABUR Harapan Indah’s auditorium. It is one of English Day’s Programs to hold English Service. The students who were in charge in the service are PHI’s English Team and Music Team. They are Jessica Attalya Suzuki (9D), Johanna Ephraim Susanto (9B), Cindy (9C), Casey Cataline (9A), Samantha Geraldine (8D), Richanda Angeline Lizar (8A), Joanna Prisca (9A), Ezekiel BungaranYitro T (9D), Jason Matthew (9D) and JohanesSibuea (9C). PHI’s English Team consulted to Mam Christiana Sinaga, Ms Susana Sinepa P, and Mam Ii Dwi Kristiningtyas to prepare it.

The service was led by Mr. YosephKurniawan, M.Div from GKI KayuPutih as the speaker. The theme is DO IT NOW. Students are reminded to do good things from now on. They were directed to know which things are good and which ones are bad by having a simulation and discussion activity. The students were enthusiastic in following the activity. The English Service ran well. May students not only get the point of the English Service but also implement it in their daily lives.

by. Ii Dwi Kristiningtyas,S.Pd.