Field trip is one of the 9th grade students’ agenda after they have already finished series of tests, but it is not a compulsory one. Bali is also known as ‘PulauDewata’. It is one of popular tourism sites in Indonesia. It is well-known not only because of its outstanding natural beauty but also its culture. This is the reason SMPK PENABUR Harapan Indah hold the field trip going to Bali. By having a theme ”Crafting Priceless Memories of Togetherness”, the 9th generation of grade 9th students hold the field trip.

The event was held on 21st May to 24th May 2018. It was four days and three nights. There are sixty-six students and 6 teachers joined the trip. We went there by Garuda Indonesia plane. There are some tourism sites which we visited, namely, TanjungBenoa, Garuda WisnuKencana, Bedugul, PuraUlundanu, Tanah Lot, Nusa Penida Island, Kuta Beach. The students did several kinds of water sports in TanjungBenoa and pontoon, they also cruised on QuickSilver ship. They learnt Balinese cultures in LakaLekeUbud, they also held a farewell celebration there. They also got a valuable experience by learning and performing Kecak Dance together with professional dancers. What an exceptional memory!

The students were nice. They could cooperate well during the trip. They did their best to be on time on every occasion. They enjoyed the trip. They really made use of their time to play, laugh, gather with their friends and teachers.

All the glory, honour and praises be unto God. We are really thankful because God is good all the time. We held the field trip successfully. Everything ran well, safe and smooth. We spent the four-days-trip in Bali cheerfully and excitedly. The students went back home by keeping priceless moments of togetherness in their mind and heart. Thanks to all who have supported and helped. See you on the next chapter of annual 9th grade students of SMPK PENABUR Harapan Indah’s field trip.

by. Ii Dwi  K.